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Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is the tracking of goods and merchandise, mostly in industrial use. This tracking also uses radio technology and the transmitter/receiver principle. With asset tracking with beacon technology, the objects to be tracked – such as movable factory inventory – are equipped with beacons. Every equipped object permanently sends its identification. These signals are recorded by receivers called controllers, forwarded to a server and interpreted by the software on the server. The server communicates with a smart device. The location of all assets can be displayed on a map stored in an app. Modern tracking systems increasingly rely on combinations of different technologies, such as RFID and beacon technology. While conventional RFID solutions for tracking goods could previously only register leaving position A and arriving at position B, the path from A to B can now also be tracked, recorded and analyzed in a beacon infrastructure. Thanks to the open architecture of Favendo’s Beacon Asset Tracking solution, it can also be easily combined with existing RFID systems and continue to be used. Tracking of goods, machines or mobile inventory is no longer only interesting for industrial companies, but also in the health sector, for example in large hospitals, the need for flexible solutions to keep track of the location of devices in emergency situations is increasing.
In addition to reliable inventory and resource management, asset tracking systems enable effective route planning, optimized transit times and the planning of maintenance intervals.