geofencing location-based services favendo


With regard to location-based services, geofencing (artificial word from geographic and fence) is a variant of proximity marketing. However, geofencing can also activate an immobiliser, for example, when a vehicle leaves a certain zone. The zone may well be the whole of Germany. See also Asset Tracking. If actions such as push messages are to be triggered when entering, leaving or staying in certain zones, for example in the exit or entrance area of a trade fair, and not at a certain point, we speak of geotargeting. As an example, a festival visitor who has installed the corresponding app on his smartphone enters the festival area and thus within the previously defined radio radius, a push message is triggered on his mobile screen via the app. This is independent of the point at which he steps through the imaginary “fence”. In a broader sense, these systems work like positioning systems, but with geographically defined border coordinates. Depending on the concept, area of application and geographical accuracy, these systems can be satellite-based or mobile radio-based.
Such systems can also be used in the search for persons, in the theft protection of moving machines, vehicles and systems, in the monitoring of criminals with leg irons or in the observance of driving routes and school routes.*