In the presented solutions based on location-based services, the individual technologies and applications have merged to complete products. They make it clear that the individual elements only show their full strength to the user in the combination. The solutions presented here are offered by the operator of this site as products and are not a view into the future, but are already used in practical application. What the products have in common is that they simplify certain core processes in a particular industry and/or add value for consumers and suppliers. The added value for the provider is based on “more knowledge” about the processes associated with its business. At the same time, the provider uses this newly acquired knowledge to continuously improve its processes. The solutions combine Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B) and sometimes even pure Consumer to Consumer (C2C) communication and exemplify a small part of the many possible combinations of the individual applications. At this point they can serve as inspiration for your own tailor-made solutions.