smart supermarket

Smart Supermarket

Smart Supermarket is a state-of-the-art mobile shopping solution from Favendo that uses location-based services to break down the barriers of traditional food retailing and merge indoor navigation, proximity marketing and analytics into what the developer calls a “unique shopping experience”. The technological basis is a sensor infrastructure that combines Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Visual Light Communication (VLC). Through the signal combination and the use of electronic shelf labels, product-specific positioning can be achieved. The solution starts even before the actual shopping. The customer can either compile his shopping list individually or have various lists (e.g. “Menu of the Month”) suggested to him in advance via an app. In the store itself, the customer is guided through the aisles to the selected products via a digital map on his smartphone. A customer can be addressed via proximity marketing with additional offers or with suggestions for product alternatives.
In this case, the operator also benefits from an overview of customer behavior and customer movement and can optimize his marketing activities on the basis of these insights.